• About the Shop

    The concept of ceLEBrations by stanton was built on the foundation of making moments memorable. When it comes to celebrating, this shop is here to help you. Here, it is about the feeling that a product evokes. A one of a kind item has the ability to make a moment special and that is the gift!

    ceLEBrations by stanton specializes in the art of personalization. When a special occasion comes around, nothing makes a moment more meaningful & memorable quite like something that is uniquely customized and made by hand.

    ceLEBrations by stanton works in all kinds of mediums from wood, apparel and canvas to paper, glass and acrylic. Anything that can be personalized, this shop can customize it!

    No order is too large or too small! Designs can be replicated in bulk for events of any size.

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  • About the Designer

    I have been an artist in one way or another my entire life. After earning my Fine Arts degree and tackling the wild world of corporate advertising, I knew I needed an additional outlet for the creative lifeblood flowing through my veins.

    Launching ceLEBrations by stanton enabled me to combine my marketing skillset with my artistry. I have always been someone who truly ceLEBrates every aspect of life - especially now as a wife and mama.

    You may ask yourself, “why is the LEB capitalized”? Well, my fam has always said that we put the LEB in ceLEBrate, so the shop’s name pays homage to my maiden name of LEBowitz.

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  • About Collaborations

    Being an involved member of the local Long Island community, ceLEBrations by stanton loves to collaborate with fellow businesses and people in the community to support each other as they thrive.

    ceLEBrations by stanton frequently hosts LIVE chats + shopping experiences to help spread the mission of making moments memorable. The LIVE experience helps promote the fellow entrepreneurs and others that generally live life awesomely!

    Lauren also hosts custom design classes for children and adults.

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